Autumn stopover hotspots and multiscale habitat associations of migratory landbirds in the eastern United States

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Automated acoustic monitoring captures timing and intensity of bird migration

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The correlation between eBird community science and weather surveillance radar-based estimates of migration phenology

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Fall bird migration in western North America during a period of heightened wildfire activity

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Light pollution enhances ground-level exposure to airborne toxic chemicals for nocturnally migrating passerines

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Migratory connectivity in a Newfoundland population of the American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla)

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The Great Lakes shape nocturnal bird migration in southern Ontario

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Survival fluctuation is linked to precipitation variation during staging in a migratory shorebird

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Mass gain and stopover dynamics among migrating songbirds are linked to seasonal, environmental, and life-history effects

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Seabird Migration Strategies: Flight Budgets, Diel Activity Patterns, and Lunar Influence

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