Mass gain and stopover dynamics among migrating songbirds are linked to seasonal, environmental, and life-history effects

Authors: Devin R. de Zwaan, Andrew Huang, Quinn McCallum, Kiirsti Owen, Myles Lamont, and Wendy Easton Year: 2022 Publication: Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: climate change, fat accumulation, fuel deposition rate, lean body mass, refueling rate, seasonal migration strategies, stopover duration, weather

Seabird Migration Strategies: Flight Budgets, Diel Activity Patterns, and Lunar Influence

Authors: Anne-Sophie Bonnet-Lebrun, Maria P. Dias, Richard A. Phillips, José P. Granadeiro, M. de L. Brooke, Olivier Chastel, Thomas A. Clay, Annette L. Fayet, Olivier Gilg, Jacob González-Solís, Tim Guilford, Sveinn A. Hanssen April Hedd, Audrey Jaeger, Johannes Krietsch, Johannes Lang1, Matthieu

Viewing animal migration through a social lens

Authors: Ellen O. Aikens, Iris D. Bontekoe, Lara Blumenstiel, Anna Schlicksupp, and Andrea Flack Year: 2022 Publication: Trends in Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Abstract: Social influences (i.e., social information use, social learning, and culture) are often assumed to play a

Strong migratory connectivity indicates Willets need subspecies-specific conservation strategies

Authors: Allison E. Huysman, Nathan W. Cooper, Joseph A. Smith, Susan M. Haig, Susan A. Heath, Luanne Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, Kevin Regan, Jennifer K. Wilson, and Peter P. Marra Year: 2022 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: annual cycle, conservation, migration,

Continental Patterns of Bird Migration Linked to Climate Variability

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Increase in protandry over time in a long-distance migratory bird

Authors: Johanna Hedlund, Thord Fransson, Cecilia Kullberg, Jan-Olov Persson, and Sven Jakobsson Year: 2022 Publication: Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: bird migration, climate change, phenology, Phylloscopus, protandry, willow warbler Abstract: Protandry is a widespread life-history phenomenon describing how males precede

Social environment influences termination of nomadic migration

Authors: Ashley R. Robart, Hilary X. Zuñiga, Guillermo Navarro. and Heather E. Watts Year: 2022 Publication: Biology Letters Publication Link: Abstract: The final stage of migration, when animals terminate migratory movements and transition to a more sedentary state, remains the least

Migratory songbirds and urban window collision mortality: vulnerability depends on species, diel timing of migration, and age class

Authors: Olivia M. Colling, Christopher G. Guglielmo, Simon J. Bonner, and Yolanda E. Morbey Year: 2022 Publication: Avian Conservation & Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: anthropogenic mortality; avian migration; bird-window collisions; citizen science; stopover ecology; urban environments Abstract: Hundreds of millions of birds are estimated

Disentangling the relative roles of climate and land cover change in driving the long-term population trends of European migratory birds

Authors:  Christine Howard, Philip A. Stephens, James W. Pearce-Higgins, Richard D. Gregory, Stuart H.M. Butchart, Stephen G. Willis Year: 2022 Publication: Diversity and Distributions Publication Link: Keywords: Africa, avian migration, breeding, climate, Europe, habitat, non-breeding, population trends Abstract: Aim: Global declines

Spatially explicit risk mapping reveals direct anthropogenic impacts on migratory birds

Authors: Claire Buchan, Aldina M. A. Franco, Inês Catry, Anna Gamero, Alena Klvaňová, James J. Gilroy Year: 2022 Publication: Global Ecology and Biogeography Publication Link: Keywords: Afro-Palaearctic, anthropogenic change, breeding, hunting, migratory birds, non-breeding, threat mapping Abstract: Aim: Migratory species rely