Automated acoustic monitoring captures timing and intensity of bird migration

Authors: Benjamin M. Van Doren, Vincent Lostanlen2, Aurora Cramer, Justin Salamon, Adriaan Dokter, Steve Kelling, Juan Pablo Bello, Andrew Farnsworth Year: 2022 Publication: Journal of Applied Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: acoustic monitoring, bird migration, ecology, machine learning, remote sensing Abstract: Monitoring

The correlation between eBird community science and weather surveillance radar-based estimates of migration phenology

Authors: Elaina K. Haas, Frank A. La Sorte, Hanna M. McCaslin, Maria C. T. D. Belotti, Kyle G. Horton Year: 2022 Publication: Global Ecology and Biogeography Publication Link: Keywords: bird migration, citizen science, community science, eBird, phenology, radar remote sensing Abstract: