Comparison of bird migration in a radar wind profiler and a dedicated bird radar

Authors: Nadja Weisshaupt, Maxime Hervo & Birgen Haest Year: 2023 Publication: Remote Sensing in Ecology and Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: biological radar, bird migration, radar wind profiler, weather Abstract: Various types of radar systems are increasingly being used to monitor aerial

Neuronal activation in the geomagnetic responsive region Cluster N covaries with nocturnal migratory restlessness in white-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis)

Authors: Madeleine I. R. Brodbeck, Verner P. Bingman, Lauren J. Cole, David F. Sherry, Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton Year: 2023 Publication: European Journal of Neuroscience Publication Link: Keywords: cluster N, geomagnetic compass, migratory restlessness, white-throated sparrow, Zonotrichia albicollis, Zugunruhe Abstract: Cluster N

Citizen science photographs indicate different timing and location use of migrating adult and juvenile Whimbrels

Authors: Chance Hines, Laura Duval, Bryan D. Watts, Grant Van Horn, and Eliot Miller Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: citizen science, demography, migratory phenology, population trends, staging, Whimbrel Abstract: It is imperative to identify factors that influence population

Atmospheric pressure predicts probability of departure for migratory songbirds

Authors: Nathan W. Cooper, Bryant C. Dossman, Lucas E. Berrigan, J. Morgan Brown, Dominic A. Cormier, Camille Bégin‑Marchand, Amanda D. Rodewald, Philip D. Taylor, Junior A. Tremblay and Peter P. Marra Year: 2023 Publication: Movement Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: Atmospheric pressure,

Songbirds initiate migratory flights synchronously relative to civil dusk

Authors: Nathan W. Cooper, Bryant C. Dossman, Lucas E. Berrigan, J. Morgan Brown, Alicia R. Brunner, Helen E. Chmura, Dominic A. Cormier, Camille Bégin-Marchand, Amanda D. Rodewald, Philip D. Taylor, Christopher M. Tonra, Junior A. Tremblay and Peter P. Marra Year: 2023

A review of Impacts of Tracking Devices on Birds

Authors: Geldart, Erica A., Lesley-Anne Howes, Hazel Wheeler, and Stuart A. MacKenzie Year: 2023 Publication: North American Bird Bander Publication Link: Abstract: Over the past few decades, extrinsic tracking devices (e.g., radio transmitters, GPS loggers, satellite transmitters, geolocators) have been widely

Long-duration wind tunnel flights reveal exponential declines in protein catabolism over time in short- and long-distance migratory warblers

Authors: Cory R. Elowea, Derrick J. E. Grooma, Julia Slezacek, and Alexander R. Gersona Year: 2023 Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Publication Link: Keywords: migration, blackpoll warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, flight energetics, physiology Abstract: During migration, long-distance migratory songbirds

Migratory birds with delayed spring departure migrate faster but pay the costs

Authors: Bryant C. Dossman, Amanda D. Rodewald, Colin E. Studds, Peter P. Marra Year: 2023 Publication: Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: American redstart, automated telemetry, carry over effects, light-level geolocators, migratory delays, Motus, nonbreeding season, passerine, spring departure timing, survival Abstract: Migratory

Ecological barriers mediate spatiotemporal shifts of bird communities at a continental scale

Authors: Emma-Liina Marjakangasa, Laura Boscoa, Martijn Versluijsa, Yanjie Xua, Andrea Santangelia, Sari Holopainena, Sanna Mäkeläinena, Sergi Herrandoc, Verena Kellerc, Petr Voříšekc, Lluís Brotonsg, Alison Johnstoni, Karine Princéj, Stephen G. Willisk, Karen Aghababyanl, Vitalie Ajderm, Dawn E. Balmero, Taulant Binop, Kerem Ali Boylaq,

What causes bird-building collision risk? Seasonal dynamics and weather drivers

Authors: Kara M. Scott1 | Attilla Danko2 | Paloma Plant3 | Roslyn Dakin1 1Department of Biology, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6, Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 3Fatal Light Awareness Program Canada, PO Box 430, Toronto, Ontario M5C