Decline of the North American avifauna

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The lunar cycle drives migration of a nocturnal bird

Authors: Gabriel Norevik, Susanne Åkesson, Arne Andersson, Johan Backman, Anders Hedenstro Year: 2019 Publication: PLOS Biology Publication Link: Abstract: Every year, billions of seasonal migrants connect continents by transporting nutrients, energy, and pathogens between distant communities and ecosystems. For animals that

Northward range expansion in spring‐staging barnacle geese is a response to climate change and population growth, mediated by individual experience

Authors: Ingunn M. Tombre, Thomas Oudman, Paul Shimmings, Larry Griffin, Jouke Prop Year: 2019 Publication: Global Change Biology Publication Link: Keywords: age effects, dynamic strategies, explorative behaviour, food quality, population increase, range shift, spring migration Abstract: All long‐distance migrants must cope

Magnetoreception in birds

Authors: Roswitha Wiltschko and Wolfgang Wiltschko Year: 2019 Publication: Journal of the Royal Society Interface Publication Link: Keywords: radical pair processes, flavin adenine dinucleotide cycle, superparamagnetic magnetite, trigeminal nerve, magnetic pulse, radiofrequency fields Abstract: Birds can use two kinds of information

Reconstructing the geographic and climatic origins of long‐distance bird migrations

Authors: Paul Dufour, Sébastien Descamps, Stéphane Chantepie, Julien Renaud, Maya Guéguen. Katja Schiffers. Wilfried Thuiller, Sébastien Lavergne Year: 2019 Publication: Journal of Biogeography Publication Link: Keywords: ancestral state reconstructions, biogeographic scenarios, bird migration, climatic niche, conservatism, migration distance, phylogenetic comparative methods