Making Wind Energy Safe for Birds

Based in Beaver River, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, John F. Kearney & Associates is committed to the social and ecological health of communities.

The company leader, John Kearney, is a social anthropologist with forty years of experience working in a wide diversity of community, academic, and industry settings in Canada, South America, and Asia. His publications include numerous reports, journal articles, book chapters, and a book in the field of natural resource management. He has also played a leading role in the implementation of community-based management in Canada.

Microphone for Listening to Nocturnal Bird Migration

In recent years, the company has focused on environmental assessments and the conservation of biodiversity, with a particular emphasis on bird populations. The company has developed an expertise in the use of bioacoustics to monitor the impacts of development projects on birds as well as to identify important areas for effective conservation measures and habitat protection.

John F. Kearney & Associates is the lead partner in Listening Together. This project aims to engage Mi’kmaw communities, naturalists, citizen scientists, non-governmental organizations, civil servants, and university and government scientists in the conservation of biodiversity in Kespukwitk (Southwest Nova Scotia) through bioacoustics.