Animal migration to northern latitudes: environmental changes and increasing threats

Authors: Kubelka, Vojtech et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Trends in Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: climate change, food supply, nest predation, parasites, population dynamics, trophic interactions Abstract: Population declines have been greater among migratory species because of their vulnerability to

Megafires and thick smoke portend big problems for migratory birds

Authors: Overton Corey T. et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: birds, energetics, migration, movement, population connectivity, smoke, telemetry, wildfire Abstract: None

Bioscatter transport by tropical cyclones: insights from 10 years in the Atlantic basin

Author: Van Den Broeke, Matthew S. Year: 2021 Publication: Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation Publication Link: Abstract: Tropical cyclones (TCs) can transport birds and insects near their center of circulation. In this study, we examined the maximum altitude, area and

The interplay of wind and uplift facilitates over-water flight in facultative soaring birds

Authors: Nourani, Elham et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Proceedings of the Royal Society B Publication Link: Abstract: Flying over the open sea is energetically costly for terrestrial birds. Despite this, over-water journeys of many birds, sometimes hundreds of kilometres long, are

Bird strikes at commercial airports explained by citizen science and weather radar data

Authors: Nilsson, Cecilia et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Journal of Applied Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: bird migration, bird strikes, citizen science, eBird, flight safety, weather surveillance radar, wildlife management Abstract: 1. Aircraft collisions with birds span the entire history of human

Bird migration within the Neotropics

Author: Jahn, Alex E. et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Ornithological Advances Publication Link: Keywords: altitudinal migration, conservation, intra-tropical migration, life history, migration drivers, Neotropical austral migration Abstract: Although the migration ecology of birds breeding in the Neotropics is still poorly studied

Migration routes and wintering areas of male Red-winged Blackbirds as determined using geolocators

Authors: Stonefish, Dereck et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Journal of Field Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: annual movements, blackbirds, geo-logger, land bird migration, migratory pathway, songbird Abstract: Understanding how birds move through and use landscapes across their annual cycle is a key

Arctic terns from circumpolar breeding colonies share common migratory routes

Authors: Wong et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Marine Ecology Progress Series Publication Link: Keywords: Arctic tern · Migration · Timing · Geolocators · North America Abstract: The Arctic tern is an iconic seabird, famous for its annual migrations between the Arctic

Migration distance is a fundamental axis of the slow-fast continuum of life history in boreal birds

Author: Winger, Benjamin M. and Teresa M. Pegan Year: 2021 Publication: Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: fecundity, life history, seasonal migration, slow-fast continuum, survival, vital rates Abstract: Seasonal migration is intrinsically connected to the balance of survival and reproduction, but whether migratory