Near-term ecological forecasting for dynamic aeroconservation of migratory birds

Authors: Kyle G. Horton, Benjamin M. Van Doren, Heidi J. Albers, Andrew Farnsworth, Daniel Sheldon Year:2021 Publication: Conservation Biology Publication Link: Keywords: aeroecology, bird migration, light pollution, radar, remote sensing Abstract: Near‐term ecological forecasting has potential to mitigate the negative impacts

Climate-driven flyway changes and memory-based long-distance migration

Authors: Zhongru Gu, Shengkai Pan1, Zhenzhen Lin, Li Hu, Xiaoyang Dai, Jiang Chang, Yuanchao Xue, Han Su, Juan Long, Mengru Sun, Sergey Ganusevich,Vasiliy Sokolov, Aleksandr Sokolov, Ivan Pokrovsky, Fen Ji, Michael W. Bruford, Andrew Dixon & Xiangjiang Zhan Year: 2021 Publication: Nature

The Colorado River Delta and California’s Central Valley are critical regions for many migrating North American landbirds

Authors: William V. DeLuca,1 Tim Meehan, Nat Seavy, Andrea Jones, Jennifer Pitt, Jill L. Deppe, and Chad B. Wilsey Year: 2021 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: bottleneck, concentration, conservation, eBird, migration, population Abstract: Migration is an important component of some

Comprehensive estimation of spatial and temporal migratory connectivity across the annual cycle to direct conservation efforts

Authors: Elly C. Knight, Autumn-Lynn Harrison, Amy L. Scarpignato, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Erin M. Bayne, Janet W. Ng, Emily Angell, R. Bowman, R. Mark Brigham, Bruno Drolet, Wendy E. Easton, Timothy R. Forrester, Jeffrey T. Foster, Samuel Haché, Kevin C. Hannah,