Navigation by extrapolation of geomagnetic cues in a migratory songbird

Authors: Dmitry Kishkinev, Florian Packmor, Thomas Zechmeister, Hans-Christoph Winkler, Nikita Chernetsov, Henrik Mouritsen, and Richard A. Holland Year: 2021 Publication: Current Biology Publication Link: Abstract: Displacement experiments have demonstrated that experienced migratory birds translocated thousands of kilometers away from their migratory

The evolution of wood warbler flight calls: Species with similar migrations produce acoustically similar calls

Authors: Zach G. Gayk, Richard K. Simpson, and Daniel J. Mennill Year: 2021 Publication: Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: Acoustic convergence, flight calls, migration, wood warblers Abstract: Diverse animal species engage in long-distance migrations. Many migrants travel in groups, and communication within

Migratory bird community structure in oil palm (Elaies guineensis) plantations and native forest fragments in southern Mexico

Authors: Samuel L. Oliveira, David J. Flaspohler, Jessie L. Knowlton, Christopher R. Webster, and Jared D. Wolfe Year: 2021 Publication Journal of Field Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: agroecosystem, Neotropical migrants, oil palm, overwinter ground, songbirds Abstract:Oil palm (Elaies guineensis) plantations are

Quantifying year-round nocturnal bird migration with a fluid dynamics model

Authors: Raphael Nussbaumer, Silke Bauer, Lionel Benoit, Gregoire Mariethoz, Felix Liechti & Baptiste Schmid Year: 2020 Publication: bioRxiv Publication Link: Keywords: biomass flow, weather radar, migration ecology, ornithology, fluid dynamics, interactive visualisation, ecological modelling Abstract: The movements of migratory birds constitute

Bird migration within the Neotropics

Authors: Alex E. Jahn, Víctor R. Cueto, Carla S. Fontana, André C. Guaraldo, Douglas J. Levey, Peter P. Marra, and Thomas B. Ryder Year: 2020 Publication: The Auk Publication Link: Keywords: altitudinal migration, conservation, intra-tropical migration, life history, migration drivers, Neotropical,

The Indo-European flyway: Opportunities and constraints reflected by Common Rosefinches breeding across Europe

Authors: Simeon Lisovski, Roland Neumann, Tomas Albrecht, Pavel Munclinger, Markus P. Ahola, Silke Bauer, Jaroslav Cepak, Thord Fransson, Sven Jakobsson, Tuomo Jaakkonen, Petr Klvana, Cecilia Kullberg, Toni Laaksonen, Benjamin Metzger, Markus Piha, Peter Shurulinkov, Robert Stach, Kåre Ström,William Velmala, Martins Briedis Year:

Dunlin subspecies exhibit regional segregation and high site fidelity along the East Asian–Australasian Flyway

Authors: Benjamin J. Lagassé, Richard B. Lanctot, Mark Barter, Stephen Brown, Chung-Yu Chiang, Chi-Yeung Choi, Yuri N. Gerasimov, Steve Kendall, Joseph R. Liebezeit, Konstantin S. Maslovsky, Alexander I. Matsyna, Ekaterina L. Matsyna, David C. Payer, Sarah T. Saalfeld, Yoshimitsu Shigeta, Ivan M.

Migratory status determines resource selection by American Woodcock at an important fall stopover, Cape May, New Jersey

Authors: Brian B. Allen, Daniel G. McAuley, and Erik J. Blomberg Date: 2020 Publication: The Condor Publication Link: Keywords: American Woodcock, fall migration, multi-scale, resource selection, Scolopax minor, stopover, telemetry Abstract: Migration is a period of high activity and exposure during