Disentangling the relative roles of climate and land cover change in driving the long-term population trends of European migratory birds

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Accipiter hawks of the Laurentian Upland and the Interior Plains undertake the longest migrations: insights from birds banded or recovered in Veracruz, Mexico

Authors: Enya Astrid Cordoba-Cuevas, Sara Patricia Ibarra-Zavaleta, and Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza Year: 2020 Publication: Journal of Field Ornithology Publication Link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jofo.12341 Keyword: Accipiter cooperii, Accipiter striatus, banding, migratory connectivity, migration distance, Veracruz River of Raptors Abstract: Bird banding has allowed us to

Using geolocator tracking data and ringing archives to validate citizen-science based seasonal predictions of bird distribution in a data-poor region

Authors: Heim, W., Heim, R.J., Beermann, I., Burkovskiy, O.A., Gerasimov, Y., Ktitorov, P., Ozaki, K., Panov, I., Sander, M.M., Sjöberg, S., Smirenski, S.M., Thomas, A., Tottrup, A., Tyunov, I.M., Willemoes, M., Hölzel, N., Thorup, K., Kamp, J. Year: 2020 Publication: Global Ecology