Phenological trends in the pre-and post-breeding migration of long-distance migratory birds

Authors: Kieran B. Lawrence, Clive R. Barlow, Keith Bensusan, Charles Perez, Stephen G. Willis Year: 2021 Publication: Global Change Biology Publication Link: Keywords: avian migration, Gibraltar, NAO index, NDVI, non-breeding, phenological mismatch, Sahel, stopover site, The Gambia Abstract: Phenological mismatch is

Modelling migration in birds: competition’s role in maintaining individual variation

Authors: D. W. Kikuchi and K. Reinhold Year: 2021 Publication: Proceedings of the Royal Society B Publication Link: Keywords: individual variation, seasonality, personality, risk-taking, competition Abstract: Animals exhibit extensive intraspecific variation in behaviour. Causes of such variation are less well understood.

Weak evidence of carry-over effects of overwinter climate and habitat productivity on spring passage of migratory songbirds at a northern stopover site in Ontario

Authors: Lisa C. Horn, Tarmo K. Remmel, and Bridget J. M. Stutchbury Year: 2021 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: body condition, carry-over effects, climate change, El Niño–Southern Oscillation, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, spring migration timing, winter habitat productivity Abstract: Reduced

Sympatrically breeding congeneric seabirds (Stercorarius spp.) from Arctic Canada migrate to four oceans

Authors: Autumn-Lynn Harrison, Paul F. Woodard, Mark L. Mallory, Jennie Rausch Year: 2021 Publication: Ecology and Evoloution Publication Link: Keywords: Arctic, animal tracking, migration, nomadism, seabirds Abstract: Polar systems of avian migration remain unpredictable. For seabirds nesting in the Nearctic, it

Stopover behavior of Red‑eyed Vireos (Vireo olivaceus) during fall migration on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula

Authors: Richard Evan Feldman, Antonio Celis‑Murillo, Jill L. Deppe and Michael P. Ward Year: 2021 Publication: Avian Research Publication Link: Keywords: Coastal dune, Fruit, Geographic barrier, Gulf of Mexico, Phenology, Stopover, Time-minimization Abstract: Background: For migrating birds, stopover requires spending time

A new westward migration route in an Asian passerine bird

Authors: Paul Dufour et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Current Biology Publication Link: Abstract: The evolution of migration routes in birds remains poorly understood as changes in migration strategies are rarely observed on contemporary timescales.1–3 The Richard’s Pipit Anthus richardi, a migratory

Migratory birds are lighter coloured

Authors: Delhey et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Current Biology Publication Link: Abstract: Migratory birds undertake long and challenging journeys that have selected for a suite of adaptations from sensory mechanisms that facilitate orientation to extreme feats of endurance that push physiological

Winds aloft over three water bodies influence spring stopover distributions of migrating birds along the Gulf of Mexico coast

Authors: Clipp et al Year: 2021 Publication: Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: Atlantic Ocean, avian migration, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, stopover, weather surveillance radar, wind Abstract: Migrating birds contend with dynamic wind conditions that ultimately influence most aspects of their migration,

Animal migration to northern latitudes: environmental changes and increasing threats

Authors: Kubelka, Vojtech et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Trends in Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: climate change, food supply, nest predation, parasites, population dynamics, trophic interactions Abstract: Population declines have been greater among migratory species because of their vulnerability to

Megafires and thick smoke portend big problems for migratory birds

Authors: Overton Corey T. et al. Year: 2021 Publication: Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: birds, energetics, migration, movement, population connectivity, smoke, telemetry, wildfire Abstract: None