Genetics and Evolution of Bird Migration

Authors: Zhongru Gu, Andrew Dixon and Xiangjiang Zhan

Year: 2023

Publication: Annual Reviews

Publication Link:

Keywords: bird migration, genetics, evolution, migration strategy

Abstract: Bird migration has long been a subject of fascination for humankind and is a
behavior that is both intricate and multifaceted. In recent years, advances in
technology, particularly in the fields of genomics and animal tracking, have
enabled significant progress in our understanding of this phenomenon. In
this review, we provide an overview of the latest advancements in the ge-
netics of bird migration, with a particular focus on genomics, and examine
various factors that contribute to the evolution of this behavior, including
climate change. Integration of research from the fields of genomics, ecology,
and evolution can enhance our comprehension of the complex mechanisms
involved in bird migration and inform conservation efforts in a rapidly
changing world.

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