Modelling the flow of nocturnal bird migration with year-round European weather radar network.

Authors: Raphael Nussbaumer, Lionel Benoit, Gregoire Mariethoz, Felix Liechti, Silke Bauer1 & Baptiste Schmid Year: 2020 Publication: Biorxiv Publication Link: Keywords: biomass flow, weather radar, migration ecology, ornithology, fluid dynamics, interactive visualisation, ecological modelling Abstract: The movements of migratory birds constitute

A tale of two seasons: The link between seasonal migration and climatic niches in passerine birds

Authors: Alison Eyres, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, C. David L. Orme, Carsten Rahbek, Susanne A. Fritz Year: 2020 Publication: Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: comparative analysis, macroecology, nonbreeding, Passeriformes, seasonal migration, tropics Abstract: The question of whether migratory birds track a specific

A place to land: spatiotemporal drivers of stopover habitat use by migrating birds

Authors: Emily B. Cohen, Kyle G.Horton, Peter P. Marra, Hannah L. Clipp, Andrew Farnsworth, Jaclyn A. Smolinsky, Daniel Sheldon and Jeffrey J. Buler Year: 2020 Publication: Ecology Letters Publication Link: Keywords: Florida, Gulf of Mexico, migration, nearctic-neotropical migratory bird, NEXRAD, weather