Inbound arrivals: using weather surveillance radar to quantify the diurnal timing of spring trans-Gulf bird migration

Authors: Annika L. Abbott, Yuting Deng, Katie Badwey, Andrew Farnsworth and Kyle G. Horton Year: 2023 Publication: Ecogeography Publication Link: Keywords: aeroecology, avian migration, flight behavior, Gulf of Mexico, radar, remote sensing Abstract: More than two billion birds migrate through the

Broad-scale seasonal climate tracking is a consequence, not a driver, of avian migratory connectivity

Authors: Marius Somveille, Christen Bossu, Matthew DeSaix, and Kristen Ruegg Year: 2023 Publication: Authorea Publication Link: Keywords: BIRD MIGRATION, CLIMATE CHANGE, GENOSCAPE, MIGRATORY CONNECTIVITY, OPTIMAL MIGRATION, SEASONAL CLIMATE TRACKING Abstract: Tracking climatic conditions throughout the year is often assumed to be

Genetics and Evolution of Bird Migration

Authors: Zhongru Gu, Andrew Dixon and Xiangjiang Zhan Year: 2023 Publication: Annual Reviews Publication Link: Keywords: bird migration, genetics, evolution, migration strategy Abstract: Bird migration has long been a subject of fascination for humankind and is a behavior that is both

Migratory songbirds exhibit seasonal modulation of the oxygen cascade

Authors: Catherine M. Ivy* and Christopher G. Guglielmo Year: 2023 Publication: Journal of Experimental Biology Publication Link: Keywords: Control of breathing, Haematology, Muscle morphology, Thrushes, Warblers, Vireos Abstract: Migratory flight requires birds to maintain intensive aerobic exercise for many hours or

Upper bound for broadband radio frequency field disruption of magnetic compass orientation in night-migratory songbirds

Authors: Bo Leberecht, Siu Ying Wong, Baladev Satish, Sara Döge, Jakob Hindman, Lalitha Venkatraman, Shambhavi Apte, Katrin Haase, Isabelle Musielak, Glen Dauta, Ilia A. Solov’yov, Michael Winklhofer, Henrik Mouritsen, and P. J. Hore Year: 2023 Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of

Space weather disrupts nocturnal bird migration

Authors: Eric R. Gulson-Castillo, Benjamin M. Van Doren, Michelle X. Bui, Kyle G. Horton, Jing Li, Mark B. Moldwin , Kerby Shedden, Daniel T. Welling, and Benjamin M. Winger Year: 2023 Publication: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Publication Link:

More than mortality: Consequences of human activity on migrating birds extend beyond direct mortality

Authors: Claire E. Nemes, Sergio A. Cabrera-Cruz, Meredith J. Anderson, Lucas W. DeGroote, Joely G. DeSimone, Megan L. Massa, and Emily B. Cohen Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: anthropogenic mortality, anthropogenic stressors, anthropogenic threats, avian conservation, bird migration,

Global positioning system (GPS) and platform transmitter terminal (PTT) tags reveal fine-scale migratory movements of small birds: A review highlights further opportunities for hypothesis-driven research

Authors: Autumn R. Iverson, Jessica L.B. Schaefer, Shannon M. Skalos, and Carly E. Hawkins Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: bird, GPS, migration, movement ecology, PTT, satellite, tracking Abstract: Studying migration is critically important for understanding the full-annual cycle

Using song dialects to reveal migratory patterns of Ruby-crowned Kinglet populations

Authors: Edward R. Pandolfino and Lily A. Douglas Year: 2023 Publication: Avian Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: Corthylio calendula; distribution; migration; migration route; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; song; song dialect; winter range Abstract: Conservation of a migratory species requires knowledge not