Seasonal variation in the effects of artificial light at night on the occurrence of nocturnally migrating birds in urban areas

Authors: Frank A. La Sorte, and Kyle G. Horton Year: 2020 Publication: Environmental Pollution Publication Link: Keywords: Artificial light at night, eBird, Full annual cycle, Nocturnal bird migration, Tree canopy cover, Urbanization Abstract: Urban areas often contain large numbers of migratory

Cross-icecap spring migration confirmed in a high-Arctic seabird, the Ivory Gull Pagophila eburnea

Authors: Morten Frederiksen, Olivier Gilg, & Glenn Yannic Year: 2020 Publication: Ibis Publication Link: Keywords: ecological barrier, Greenland icecap, high-altitude migration Abstract: Seabirds rarely cross major terrestrial barriers during seasonal migration, possibly because they have a limited ability to build up

Earlier and slower or later and faster: Spring migration pace linked to departure time in a Neotropical migrant songbird

Authors: Ana M. González, Nicholas J. Bayly, Keith A. Hobson Year: 2020 Publication: Journal of Animal Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: migration speed, migration timing, migratory strategy, spring migration, winter habitat Abstract: 1. Migratory birds travel vast distances and the timing of

Migration of black‑naped terns in contrasted cyclonic conditions

Authors: Jean‑Baptiste Thiebot, Noboru Nakamura, Yutaka Toguchi, Naoki Tomita, Kiyoaki Ozaki Year: 2020 Publication: Marine Biology Publication Link: Abstract: Cyclones are currently increasing in frequency and intensity across the tropical regions, and such changes in cyclonic activity can adversely impact tropical

Evolution of breeding plumages in birds: A multiple-step pathway to seasonal dichromatism in New World warblers (Aves: Parulidae)

Authors: Ryan S. Terrill, Glenn F. Seeholzer1, Jared D. Wolfe Year: 2020 Publication: Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: feathers, phylogenetic comparative methods, selection, trait evolution Abstract: Many species of birds show distinctive seasonal breeding and nonbreeding plumages. A number of

Individual variability and versatility in an eco-evolutionary model of avian migration

Authors: Kira E. Delmore, Benjamin M. Van Doren, Greg J. Conway, Teja Curk, Tania Garrido-Garduño, Ryan R. Germain, Timo Hasselmann, Dieter Hiemer, Henk P. van der Jeugd, Hannah Justen, Juan Sebastian Lugo Ramos, Ivan Maggini, Britta S. Meyer, Robbie J. Phillips, Magdalena

Phenological synchronization of seasonal bird migration with vegetation greenness across dietary guilds

Authors: Frank A. La Sorte and Catherine H. Graham Year: 2020 Publication: Journal of Animal Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: eBird, green-wave hypothesis, phenological synchronization, phenological tracking, seasonal bird migration, vegetation greenness Abstract: 1. The seasonal movement of animals has been linked

Modelling the flow of nocturnal bird migration with year-round European weather radar network.

Authors: Raphael Nussbaumer, Lionel Benoit, Gregoire Mariethoz, Felix Liechti, Silke Bauer1 & Baptiste Schmid Year: 2020 Publication: Biorxiv Publication Link: Keywords: biomass flow, weather radar, migration ecology, ornithology, fluid dynamics, interactive visualisation, ecological modelling Abstract: The movements of migratory birds constitute

A tale of two seasons: The link between seasonal migration and climatic niches in passerine birds

Authors: Alison Eyres, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, C. David L. Orme, Carsten Rahbek, Susanne A. Fritz Year: 2020 Publication: Ecology and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: comparative analysis, macroecology, nonbreeding, Passeriformes, seasonal migration, tropics Abstract: The question of whether migratory birds track a specific