Global positioning system (GPS) and platform transmitter terminal (PTT) tags reveal fine-scale migratory movements of small birds: A review highlights further opportunities for hypothesis-driven research

Authors: Autumn R. Iverson, Jessica L.B. Schaefer, Shannon M. Skalos, and Carly E. Hawkins Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: bird, GPS, migration, movement ecology, PTT, satellite, tracking Abstract: Studying migration is critically important for understanding the full-annual cycle

Using song dialects to reveal migratory patterns of Ruby-crowned Kinglet populations

Authors: Edward R. Pandolfino and Lily A. Douglas Year: 2023 Publication: Avian Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution Publication Link: Keywords: Corthylio calendula; distribution; migration; migration route; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; song; song dialect; winter range Abstract: Conservation of a migratory species requires knowledge not

Diverse strategies for tracking seasonal environmental niches at hemispheric scale

Authors: Jeremy Cohen and Walter Jetz Year: 2023 Publication: Global Ecology and Biogeography Publication Link: Keywords: big data, birds, climatic niche, environmental niche, functional trait groups, hypervolume, migration, phylogenetic signal, seasonal niche tracking, seasonality Abstract: Aim: Species depend upon a constrained

Pacific Barrow’s Goldeneye refine migratory phenology in response to overwintering temperatures and annual snowmelt

Authors: Jesse Kemp, W. Sean Boyd, Tesia M. Forstner, Daniel Esler, Timothy D. Bowman, David C. Douglas, Danica Hogan, Malcolm McAdie, Jonathan E. Thompson, Megan Willie, and David J. Green Year: 2023 Publication Link: Keywords: annual cycle, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Bucephala islandica,

Sex, body size, and winter weather explain migration strategies in a partial migrant population of American Kestrels

Authors: Sadie C. Ranck, Christina M. Garsvo, Darin M. Schwartz, Linda M. Reynard, Matthew J. Kohn, and Julie A. Heath Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithology Publication Link: Keywords: arrival time, climate change, hydrogen, isotopes, movement ecology, phenology Abstract: Given increasing evidence that

International importance of tidal flats in the Republic of Korea as shorebird stopover sites in the East Asian–Australasian flyway

Authors: Ju-Hyun Lee, In-Cheol Kim, Si-Wan Lee, Jong-Ju Son, Jae-Ung Jang, and Ha-Cheol Sung Year: 2023 Publication: Avian Conservation and Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: East Asian–Australasian Flyway; internationally important stopover site; Korean tidal flat; migratory bird; shorebird; Yellow Sea Abstract: Tidal

Comparison of bird migration in a radar wind profiler and a dedicated bird radar

Authors: Nadja Weisshaupt, Maxime Hervo & Birgen Haest Year: 2023 Publication: Remote Sensing in Ecology and Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: biological radar, bird migration, radar wind profiler, weather Abstract: Various types of radar systems are increasingly being used to monitor aerial

Neuronal activation in the geomagnetic responsive region Cluster N covaries with nocturnal migratory restlessness in white-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis)

Authors: Madeleine I. R. Brodbeck, Verner P. Bingman, Lauren J. Cole, David F. Sherry, Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton Year: 2023 Publication: European Journal of Neuroscience Publication Link: Keywords: cluster N, geomagnetic compass, migratory restlessness, white-throated sparrow, Zonotrichia albicollis, Zugunruhe Abstract: Cluster N

Citizen science photographs indicate different timing and location use of migrating adult and juvenile Whimbrels

Authors: Chance Hines, Laura Duval, Bryan D. Watts, Grant Van Horn, and Eliot Miller Year: 2023 Publication: Ornithological Applications Publication Link: Keywords: citizen science, demography, migratory phenology, population trends, staging, Whimbrel Abstract: It is imperative to identify factors that influence population

Atmospheric pressure predicts probability of departure for migratory songbirds

Authors: Nathan W. Cooper, Bryant C. Dossman, Lucas E. Berrigan, J. Morgan Brown, Dominic A. Cormier, Camille Bégin‑Marchand, Amanda D. Rodewald, Philip D. Taylor, Junior A. Tremblay and Peter P. Marra Year: 2023 Publication: Movement Ecology Publication Link: Keywords: Atmospheric pressure,