Animal migration to northern latitudes: environmental changes and increasing threats

Authors: Kubelka, Vojtech et al.

Year: 2021

Publication: Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Publication Link:

Keywords: climate change, food supply, nest predation, parasites, population dynamics, trophic interactions

Abstract: Population declines have been greater
among migratory species because of
their vulnerability to climate change and
human pressure. Growing concerns for
migratory animals necessitate new assessments
of the outcome of environmental
changes for species that rely on
long-distance migration to the north.
A growing body of evidence suggests
that northern temperate and Arctic animals
are currently experiencing lower
food supply and availability, higher pathogen
and parasite pressure, as well as
increased predation rates, compared
with previous decades.
We hypothesise that the natural advantages
of migration to northern latitudes
are being eroded. Understanding the underlying
mechanisms of ecological impacts
will allow better forecasting and
mitigation, as well as insights into consequences
for population dynamics of migratory

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