Bioacoustics Almanac — May                                                   Listening Together Project

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First Week of May

Ruby-crowned Kinglet



The Ruby-crowned Kinglet, not much larger than a hummingbird, is one of our smallest birds. Despite its size, it has a very loud and complex song. The males and females look identical except for the ruby crown on the male, which is usually hidden. It is a bird of the boreal forest preferring to nest in mature and old growth coniferous stands. It is declining in eastern North America (Photo: Don Faulkner; Sound: Xeno-Canto, Thomas Ryder Payne).


Hermit Thrush




The song of the Hermit Thrush is one of the most iconic sounds of the forest. Its melodious, flute-like quality adds to the enchantment of the forest environment. It begins its return to Nova Scotia in mid-April with the majority of migrants arriving in the first two weeks of May. Much more easily heard than seen, you will most likely catch a glimpse of it near the forest floor. It may even give you a flick of its wings and a few pumps of its reddish tail, a field mark of this species (Painting: Louis Agassiz Fuertes; Sound: Xeno-Canto, Christopher McPherson).