Viewing animal migration through a social lens

Authors: Ellen O. Aikens, Iris D. Bontekoe, Lara Blumenstiel, Anna Schlicksupp, and Andrea Flack

Year: 2022

Publication: Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Publication Link:


Social influences (i.e., social information
use, social learning, and culture) are
often assumed to play a role in animal
migration, but studying social aspects
of migration remains a challenge.
We evaluate support for predictions from
the social learning literature within the
context of migration, and suggest that
social influences during migration are
likely more widespread than previously
To study socialmigration, future research
can leverage next-generation tracking
techniques and experimental manipulations
of the social environment.
Movement diversity constitutes the building
blocks of migration culture, and thus
warrants further consideration in conservation
and management of migratory

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