1st Week of August 2019 – Beaver River, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

Spectrogram of Night Flight Call of Yellow Warbler

There was a good combination of shorebird and warbler nocturnal movements this week. True migration seemed more apparent among the warblers. The two most common warblers were Black-and-white Warbler (an estimated 58 birds) and American Redstart (56 birds). The next two most common warblers were Yellow Warbler (29) and Canada Warbler (27). Northern Waterthrush also contributed with 22 estimated birds. Overall, 12 species of warbler were recorded.

The most common shorebird was Semipalmated Sandpiper with an estimated 90 birds. The number of these birds tend to be grossly underestimated either by visual observation or by acoustic recording. It is likely that more than 90 birds were recorded during the week. Below is a clip from one of the flocks flying high overhead. The next most common shorebird was Spotted Sandpiper with an estimated 23 birds. A total of seven shorebird species were noted. A Solitary Sandpiper in the early morning of 2 August was the first for the year.

Last year my nocturnal recordings began on the evening of 5 August. Comparing the data for 5 to 7 August in 2018 and 2019, the total estimated numbers of migrants were 451 and 205, respectively. Three nights is a short time for a comparison so it will be interesting to do the same over 7 days next week.




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