4th Week of May – Beaver River, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

Spectrogram of Night Flight Call of American Redstart

As to be expected in this last week of May, nocturnal migration was the most intense of the entire spring season. The biggest night was 27-28 May when an estimated 70 birds flew past the monitoring station. While these numbers would be considered small compared to a night of intense migration in the autumn, this was the peak night for the entire spring at this location in southwest Nova Scotia. Total number of flight calls for the week was 239 for an estimated total birds of 213.

Warblers made up 97% of the birds recorded this week. A total of 18 species of warblers were identified of which the most common were Common Yellowthroat (estimated 39 birds), Magnolia Warbler (27), Yellow Warbler (19), Ovenbird (19), American Redstart (17), and Blackpoll Warbler (12).

The first Alder Flycatcher was heard calling from the ground in the pre-dawn hours on 31 May. Nocturnal migration usually extends into the first week of June but in smaller numbers. The latest spring migrants are possible such as Black-bellied Plover, Swainson’s Thrush, and Mourning Warbler.

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