Environmental and Social Research


Based in Carleton, Yarmouth County of Nova Scotia, our company is committed to the social and ecological health of communities.

The company leader, John Kearney, is an environmental anthropologist with forty years of experience working in a wide diversity of community, academic, and industry settings in Canada, South America, and Asia. His publications include numerous reports, journal articles, book chapters, and a book in the field of natural resource management. He has also played a leading role in the implementation of community-based management in Canada.


In recent years the company has specialized in the environmental assessment of the impact of wind energy facilities on birds in Nova Scotia. A number of baseline studies and post-construction monitoring projects have been conducted in this new but rapidly expanding industry in the province.

We have sought to set a high standard of sound methods, consistent data collection, and rigorous analysis in order to ensure that environmental assessments protect and conserve bird populations while contributing to the development of an environmentally sustainable wind energy industry.

John F. Kearney & Associates is developing  and working with cutting edge technology to acoustically monitor the vast number of birds that pass unseen over wind farms during their nocturnal migrations in the spring and autumn.

The company also provides small grants to community-based organizations for the conservation and enhancement of bird habitat near our project areas.




John F. Kearney & Associates